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Spacers - Aluminum

RPM's Window Spacers are offered in several variations including a family of aluminum laser welded spacer products. The proven RPM Aluminum Spacer Line has been in production and in use in the industry since 1988. Please contact us for any requirements.

Aluminum Spacer Types:

  • Low Profile Spacer (LPD Line) - Spacer Height 0.250"
  • High Profile Spacer (TSP Line) - Spacer Height 0.320"
  • Double Seal Spacer (DSS Line) - Spacer Height 0.320"
  • PIB Spacer (PIB Line) - Spacer Height 0.320"






Material Options:

  • Mill Finish Aluminum
  • Clear Anodized Aluminum
  • Black Anodized Aluminum

Processing Options:

  • Non-Bendable Spacers
  • Bendable Spacers

Ordering Codes & Size Chart:

LPD/Finish/02 TSP/Finish/02 N/A N/A 7/32"
LPD/Finish/03 TSP/Finish/03 N/A N/A 1/4"
LPD/Finish/04 TSP/Finish/04 DSS/Finish/04 PIB/Finish/04 5/16"
LPD/Finish/24 TSP/Finish/24 DSS/Finish/24 PIB/Finish/24 11/32"
LPD/Finish/05 TSP/Finish/05 DSS/Finish/05 PIB/Finish/05 3/8"
LPD/Finish/23 TSP/Finish/23 DSS/Finish/23 PIB/Finish/23 13/32"
LPD/Finish/06 TSP/Finish/06 DSS/Finish/06 PIB/Finish/06 7/16"
LPD/Finish/07 TSP/Finish/07 DSS/Finish/07 PIB/Finish/07 15/32"
LPD/Finish/08 TSP/Finish/08 DSS/Finish/08 PIB/Finish/08 1/2"
LPD/Finish/09 TSP/Finish/09 DSS/Finish/09 PIB/Finish/09 17/32"
LPD/Finish/10 TSP/Finish/10 DSS/Finish/10 PIB/Finish/10 9/16"
LPD/Finish/11 TSP/Finish/11 DSS/Finish/11 PIB/Finish/11 19/32"
LPD/Finish/12 TSP/Finish/12 DSS/Finish/12 PIB/Finish/12 5/8"
LPD/Finish/13 TSP/Finish/13 DSS/Finish/13 PIB/Finish/13 21/32"
LPD/Finish/14 TSP/Finish/14 DSS/Finish/14 PIB/Finish/14 11/16"
LPD/Finish/15 TSP/Finish/15 DSS/Finish/15 PIB/Finish/15 23/32"
LPD/Finish/16 TSP/Finish/16 DSS/Finish/16 PIB/Finish/16 3/4"
LPD/Finish/17 TSP/Finish/17 DSS/Finish/17 PIB/Finish/17 25/32"
LPD/Finish/18 TSP/Finish/18 DSS/Finish/18 PIB/Finish/18 13/16"
LPD/Finish/19 TSP/Finish/19 DSS/Finish/19 PIB/Finish/19 27/32"
LPD/Finish/20 TSP/Finish/20 DSS/Finish/20 PIB/Finish/20 7/8"
LPD/Finish/21 TSP/Finish/21 DSS/Finish/21 PIB/Finish/21 15/16"
LPD/Finish/22 TSP/Finish/22 DSS/Finish/22 PIB/Finish/22 1"


Colors / Finishes
Mill Finish (ML)
Anodized - Black (BK)
Anodized - Clear (AN)