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Spacers - Connectors

RPM offers an exensive selection of Nylon Corners designed for maximum performance with our spacer product lines. Featuring superior fit, and available in low profile and high profile versions supporting our LPD, Climatech, TSP, DSS, PIB and Dorlite series spacers.




Ordering Codes & Size Chart:

LNYC/02 LNYC/02 TNYC/02 TNYC/02 TNYC/02 7/32"
LNYC/03 LNYC/03 TNYC/03 TNYC/03 TNYC/03 1/4"
LNYC/04 LNYC/04 TNYC/04 TNYC/04 TNYC/04 5/16"
LNYC/05 LNYC/05 TNYC/05 TNYC/05 TNYC/05 3/8"
LNYC/06 LNYC/06 TNYC/06 TNYC/06 TNYC/06 7/16"
LNYC/07 LNYC/07 TNYC/07 TNYC/07 TNYC/07 15/32"
LNYC/08 LNYC/08 TNYC/08 TNYC/08 TNYC/08 1/2"
LNYC/09 LNYC/09 TNYC/09 TNYC/09 TNYC/09 17/32"
LNYC/10 LNYC/10 TNYC/10 TNYC/10 TNYC/10 9/16"
LNYC/11 LNYC/11 TNYC/11 TNYC/11 TNYC/11 19/32"
LNYC/12 LNYC/12 TNYC/12 TNYC/12 TNYC/12 5/8"
LNYC/13 LNYC/13 TNYC/13 TNYC/13 TNYC/13 21/32"
LNYC/14 LNYC/14 TNYC/14 TNYC/14 TNYC/14 11/16"
LNYC/15 LNYC/15 TNYC/15 TNYC/15 TNYC/15 23/32"
LNYC/16 LNYC/16 TNYC/16 TNYC/16 TNYC/16 3/4"
LNYC/17 LNYC/17 TNYC/17 TNYC/17 TNYC/17 25/32"
LNYC/18 LNYC/18 TNYC/18 TNYC/18 TNYC/18 13/16"
LNYC/19 LNYC/19 TNYC/19 TNYC/19 TNYC/19 27/32"
LNYC/20 LNYC/20 TNYC/20 TNYC/20 TNYC/20 7/8"
LNYC/21 LNYC/21 TNYC/21 TNYC/21 TNYC/21 15/16"
LNYC/22 LNYC/22 TNYC/22 TNYC/22 TNYC/22 1"
LNYC/23 LNYC/23 TNYC/23 TNYC/23 TNYC/23 13/32"
LNYC/24 LNYC/24 TNYC/24 TNYC/24 TNYC/24 11/32"

Note:  For Dorlite Spacer Corner Keys, please contact our sales or technical team for support.