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Roll Forming

RPM is a manufacturer of custom roll formed metal profiles. With product offerings focusing on galvanized structural steel members for various structural applications including industrial racking, window and door reinforcements, solar roof top and ground mount racking applications.

RPM also offers an aluminum roll formed product line which includes aluminum cladding, laser welded window spacers, muntin bars and screen frame profiles.

RPM currently operates 17 roll forming lines with pre-punch and in-line laser welding capabilities.

RPM Rollformed Metal Products (capacity and capabilities):

  • 17 Roll forming Lines
    • Open channels
    • Complex contours
    • In-line laser welding
    • Pre-punching
    • Secondary operations
  • Material forming capabilities:
    • Steel (CRS, Galv, HRPO, Galvalume, and Stainless)
    • Aluminum (Mill, Painted, and Anodized)
    • Brass
    • Zinc
    • Copper
  • Thickness:
    • Minimum:  0.008”
    • Maximum:  0.187”  (Future Expansion:  0.550”)
  • Strip Width:  24”
  • Length capabilities:
    • Minimum:  12”
    • Maximum:  40 feet or longer if required. Roll forming does not have length limitations and typically the maximum is dictated by trucking and transport limitations.